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Hello, my name is Louise. Welcome to Organic Reviews.

For most of my life I believed I was leading a healthy lifestyle.   I ate well, exercised and thought I was informed about alternative health options. However, I never worried too much about the beauty or cleaning products I bought on a daily basis as I just assumed they would be safe and would not play a role in my health. No one had told me that I was doing unhealthy and toxic things to my body without even realising it!

Now that I understand the role of toxins in our health, I have endeavoured to replace all of my “chemical-full” products with products that are as chemical-free and as organic as possible.  This process has not always been easy as some products that I thought were organic or natural  had misleading labelling and I discovered that the rest of the ingredients list was riddled with carcinogenic and toxic chemicals.

So now I am determined to find the best natural and organic products out there and to also help others that may be just as unsure as I first was when choosing which organic products to buy and what ingredients to avoid.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and find them helpful and educational. If you have any questions or would like to give some feedback please write me via the contact page.

Regards, Louise